Ckids Chanukah Legoland

Take a trip to Legoland and build incredible memories!
Beginning with a series of fast-paced competitions, children will be taken on a Lego-themed journey through the
history and traditions of Chanukah, play Spin and Stack – a trendy twist on the classic game of dreidel, where they’ll spin to build their very own Chanukah Dazzler – a Lego-like Menorah to go home with!
To top it off, children will receive a beautiful set of Chanukah Superhero cards, highlighting the lessons we can take from the Chanukah story and encouraging them to be their own Chanukah hero, bringing more light into this world.


Dec 10 2023


11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Shabbos Candle Lighting

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